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Bulgarian is spoken by 12 million people in total. It is the official language of Bulgaria, but it is also often used in Bulgarian communities in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo and more countries. The Bulgarian language is mutually intelligible with Macedonian.

Bulgarian is mainly split into two broad dialect areas, the western dialects and the eastern dialects.
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Free online Bulgarian translator Free online Bulgarian translator
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Bulgarian translator software is ideal for those who frequently need Bulgarian translation, i.e. students and business people. No translator software can offer 100 % perfect translation, but some of them are very good.

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Choose a professional Bulgarian Translator (human translation) if you need a perfect translation. No machine can provide a perfect translation, only a professional translator can. It`s not free - but it's definitely worth it if you are serious about your business. Don`t lose your customers because of bad translations.

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