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There are between seven and thirteen main regional groups of Chinese language (depending on classification scheme). The most spoken is Mandarin (about 850 million). Standard Mandarin is a standardized form of spoken Chinese, based on the Beijing dialect.

Standard Mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan, as well as one of four official languages of Singapore.
Simplified Chinese vs. Traditional Chinese
When you are using online English to Chinese translators, you often have to choose between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. But what is the difference?

Simplified Chinese Characters are standardized Chinese characters for use in Mainland China. Traditional Chinese is currently used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Overseas Chinese communities generally use traditional characters, but simplified characters are often used among mainland Chinese immigrants.
English to Simplified Chinese translator (see also English to Traditional Chinese Translator)
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Quality Controlled Translation: The translator above is powered by Google. We think it is the best free online translator available. However, we recommend that you also try the other translators listed below. Compare the translations and pick up the best parts from each of them. That way you are likely to get the best translation.

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Babylon English to Chinese (s) translator Translator recommended by Free! Babylon is a serious and professional translator service that is highly recommend by Simplified. Try this translator next time you need English to Chinese Simplified translation.
MDBG English to Chinese (s) translator Translator recommended by Free! MDBG offers English to Chinese Simplified translation. This service shows both Chinese simplified and traditional results for each translation. Worth a try!
SDL English to Chinese (s) translator Translator recommended by Free! Easy-to-use English to Chinese translator. Good translations. Remember to change settings to "English to Chinese (simplified)" before you translate.
Paralink Promt English to Chinese (s) Translator recommended by Free! A good English to Chinese simplified translator service. This translator is absolutely worth a try when you are searching English to chine se translation. It lets you compare the translations with Google Translate.
Systranet English-Chinese translator (s) Free! Systranet is a high-quality translator service. It lets you translate texts with up to 3,000 characters from English to Simplified Chinese. Did you know that the famous translator service Babel Fish is powered by Systranet?
IMtranslator English to Chinese (s) Free! IMtranslator lets you translate text blocks between English and Chinese Simplified. This service is worth a try.
ChineseTools English to Chinese (s) Free! This is a OK English to Chinese service. Remember to change settings to "English to Chinese (simplified)".
Babel Fish English to Chinese (s) translator Free! Good old Babel Fish is still going strong. OK to try when you need English to Chinese translation. Remember to choose the option "English to Chinese (simplified)".

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