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Canadian Pharmacy Tadalafil (Cialis/Erectile Dysfunction), tadalafil generic canadian pharmacy Slovak dictionary - free online
Slovak is the official language of The Slovak Republic (short form: Slovakia). Slovak is spoken by over 7 million people in total. But Slovakia has only a population of five million people. That means that Slovak also is spoken as a minority language in other countries, i.e. the United States (1,200,000 Slovak speakers), the Czech Republic (350,000 Slovak speakers), Hungary (110,000 Slovak speakers ), Serbia (60,000 Slovak speakers), Ireland (30,000 Slovak speakers), Romania (22,000 Slovak speakers), Bulgaria (20,000 Slovak speakers), Poland (20,000 Slovak speakers), Canada (20,000 Slovak speakers).

Most foreign words (so called loanwords) receive Slovak spelling very quickly. For example, "weekend" is spelled víkend and "software"is spelled softvér.
English-Slovak Dictionary (see also Slovak to English dictionary and English to Slovak translator)
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Quality controlled translation: The dictionary above is powered by Google and is of high quality. However, we recommend that you also try the other free online dictionaries listed below. That way you can verify the translations. More information: You will also find all the available information about the translated words, such as synonyms, usage examples, related words and more.

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ECTACO English to Slovak dictionary Translator recommended by Free! English to Slovak dictionary of high quality. Many entries and good translations. This English to Slovak dictionary is recommended by English to Slovak Dict Free! This English to Slovak dictionary is not very user-friendly but the translations are of high quality. Worth a try. Canadian Pharmacy Tadalafil (Cialis/Erectile Dysfunction), tadalafil generic canadian pharmacy Free! OK English to Slovak dictionary. Not very many entries but the translations are good.