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Sildenafil 50g Buy Online Philippines (Viagra/Erectile Dysfunction), thuoc sildenafil 50g Slovenian dictionary - free online
Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia. It is spoken by 2.4 million people in total. Most Slovenian speakers live in Slovenia. But Slovenian is also spoken by emigrant groups in Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Slovene is one of the 23 official and working languages of the European Union.

Slovenes often assert that the Slovenian language is endangered, despite the fact that it now has more speakers than at any point in its history.

Like all Slavic languages, Slovenian traces its roots to the same proto-Slavic group of languages that produced Old Church Slavonic.
English-Slovenian Dictionary (see also Slovenian to English dictionary and English to Slovenian translator)
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Quality controlled translation: The dictionary above is powered by Google and is of high quality. However, we recommend that you also try the other free online dictionaries listed below. That way you can verify the translations. More information: You will also find all the available information about the translated words, such as synonyms, usage examples, related words and more. English to Slovenian Dict Free! offers a ok English to Slovenian dictionary. Not very many entries, but good translations. This dictionary is worth a try.