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Finnish is spoken by 92% of the population i Finland. The remainder speak Swedish (5.5%), Sami and other languages.
Standard Finnish is prescribed by the Language Office of the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland and is the language used in official communication. There are also several different Finnish dialects spoken in Finland.
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Free online Finnish translator Free online Finnish translator
Perfect if you, from time to time, need instant Finnish translation for informal use. Please note that no free online translators are perfect. We recommend that you consider other options if the translation is intended for professional use.
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Do you need to translate a single Finnish word? Then an Finnish Dictionary will be the best alternative. Dictionaries offer better translations and more information when it comes to single words.
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Finnish translator software is ideal for those who frequently need Finnish translation, i.e. students and business people. No translator software can offer 100 % perfect translation, but some of them are very good.

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Professional Finnish Translator Professional Finnish Translator (human translation)
Choose a professional Finnish Translator (human translation) if you need a perfect translation. No machine can provide a perfect translation, only a professional translator can. It`s not free - but it's definitely worth it if you are serious about your business. Don`t lose your customers because of bad translations.

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